Hooli Trading B.V. is a professional partner who specializes in branding and channel development in consumer goods industry. The company contains the expert team who has sophisticated experience in wholesale and retail business. In the recent 8 years, Hooli Trading B.V. has successfully helped our clients developed the customized localized product, opened and gained the market share of target region. For both Asian and European brands, our clients are satified with our performace. Not only distribution and co-development products for our clients, we also offer the professional consultancy service which helps our clients know the local market better. 



Authorized Distribution Partner

One of the key pain points for most of brands to open a new market is the understanding and network of local market. To open a region, you have to know the local law, regulation, business rules, channels, consumer behavior, general corperate cost and many other tasks.

Based on the previous years experience, Hooli Trading B.V. has already understood both European and Asian markets well. Currently, Hooli Trading B.V. is the authorized business partner and distributor of several super big brands from Europea and Asia, such as Tiktak, Prestige, Rea Coop, Huawei, Wind Millor, Suning, ALA Medical and others.

In those days, only traditional distribution channel cannot fit our clients' target. We not only have the local traditional offline distribution channels, such as supermarkets, convinient shops (CVS), also we help our client distributing products online based on the consumer analysis. To reach the most covearage and distribution performace, we distribute the product on Amazon, DH Gate, Alibaba, Aliexpress, Ebay, JD and many modern online channels or app channels.

At this moment, Hooli Trading B.V. has already working with several worldwide A Brands. Our partners are very happy with the result we have achieved.  Contact us and you will be surprised. 



Consulting Service

Hooli Trading B.V. has many years experience with principles, rules and business behivors in both European and Asian market. We also have our local business partners to support and help us for tough local business issues. For instance, to importing and exporting cosmetics, achcohol and mobilephones are not easy for Asian market. To get the entry liscense of your tablet and smartphone is even harder in Asian than in Europe. Based on our experience and network, our team can offer you the professional valuable service for:

  1. Establishing legal entity in China, Japan, Singapore, Korea, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Greece and other countries;
  2. Policy and political environment analysis for local markets;
  3. IMP & EXP Service, including transporation, FCL, LCL, aircargo, custom clearance, bonded warehouse, storage;
  4. Local Tax, VAT policy and tax refund;
  5. Electronic device entry and distribution regulation, including carrier and open market policy, marketing, rebate and service
  6. Special consumer goods entry and distribution regulation, including cosmetics, diary products, achcohol, perfums and others
  7. Tablets, smartphones, wearable and other devices distribution, online sales and copyright tax issue


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